Silica Gel and Bentonite Clay Desiccant Bags We carry Clariant’s full line of moisture adsorbent bags which consist of strong, yet porous, non-woven materials such as Dupont Tyvek®, filled with a variety of desiccant types: Desi Pak® – bentonite clay Sorb-It® – silica gel Tri-Sorb® – molecular sieve Used to protect a variety of goods as they travel through the supply chain, these bags comply with rigorous industry and government standards, including FDA, DIN, Mil-Spec, and JEDEC. Commonly used for semiconductor dry packing, preservation packaging and export packaging, with typical applications including electronic devices, food packaging, equipment, automotive parts, machinery, military goods, metal components and many other valuables.



    • Desiccant bags effectively adsorb moisture in product packaging to combat its damaging effects including corrosion, mold and degradation.
    • Desiccant bags meet Mil-D-3464E (Mil Spec) Types I, II and III, as well as comply with JEDEC for semiconductor packaging.
    • Single bags as standard according to DIN / AFNOR / MIL
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