Emitters, Capsules, Solvents & Coatings

Emitters, Capsules, Solvents & Coatings

For additional corrosion prevention, James Dawson provides a range of solutions manufactured by Zerust, Daubert Cromwell and James Dawson.

Emitters and Capsules

Self-contained, portable products that diffuse Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor chemicals to provide targeted protection for metals in hard-to-reach enclosures.

Coatings and Solvents

Temporary corrosion protection for parts in-between production processes, in storage, or for added protection during ocean shipments. Models include:

Our most popular models are :

Daubert Cromwell

  • Pipewrap – Versil-Pak 5-2 & 3-2
  • VCI Paper – Uniwrap 33 MPI, Coppertex, PW32, Alumitex, VW35DH , etc.
  • Silver Saver Anti-Tarnish Paper
  • Premium Metal-Guard VCI Films & Bags
  • Nox-Rust Aerosol 5400, 3100, 7100, 1100
  • Daubrite 5 Emitter Disks/li>
  • UW94MPI White Woven Wrap


  • VCI bags (stock or printed)
  • VCI sheeting (stock or printed)
  • VCI tubing (stock or printed)
  • VCI shrink tubing (stock or printed)
  • Vapor Capsules
  • Additives – PAY 4733
  • Coatings – AXXATEC 77C
At James Dawson, we also manufacture VCI products in-house. Please contact us to find the right solution for your project!
Service You Can Trust
We have been a recognized supplier for the Department of National Defense since 1975. Many of our products are also compliant with major certifying bodies, in order to help you meet strict industry standards.

Why is James Dawson Right for You?

Response Within 24 Hours

We understand that you need fast service. That’s why we make sure to answer all requests right away.

Short Lead Times

To ensure quick turnaround times, we maintain an extensive inventory of desiccants, bags, roll stock, packaging machinery and more.

No Minimum Order Size

As a distributor, we can prep orders that fit your exact requirements. No order is too big or small!

Trusted Quality Products

We only work with reliable, industry-leading manufacturers, such as Accu-Seal, Clariant, Desiccare, PAC Machinery, PackRite, Zerust, and more.

Affordable & Predictable Shipping Costs

For Canadian customers, our location allows us to offer minimal shipping prices and to avoid unexpected duties & brokerage fees.

We Can Store Your Products

Ideal for clients with limited space and recurring needs! We order large quantities, then send you small shipments of products as you need them. The remainder is stored at our Toronto or Montreal warehouse, ready to be shipped as your stock runs out.

Our goal is to ensure our clients’ success

Providing unique, cost effective solutions to complex packaging needs for over 40 years.

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