From canisters and capsules to packets and plugs, we provide desiccant solutions that will ensure the quality, safety and long shelf life of your products.
Certified to meet your requirements
We understand that you may need to meet strict industry standards. That’s why our desiccant solutions, manufactured by Desiccare and Clariant-Dalone are compliant with major certifying bodies: FDA, EU, REACH, GMP, and more.
Trusted brands & products
Order industry staples manufactured by Desiccare & Clariant-Dalone:
  • Desi-Pak® – Bentonite clay
  • Sorb-it® – Silica gels
  • Pillow-pak – Moisture & odor control
Our desiccant solutions include:
  • Moisture absorbers – silica gel, bentonite clay, canisters and bags
  • Humidity monitoring solutions – indicator cards, packets, canisters, stoppers and more
  • Oxygen scavengers – a wide range of packets and bags
Browse our desiccant solutions by industry:
Our goal is to ensure our clients’ success

Providing unique, cost effective solutions to complex packaging needs for over 40 years.

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