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Desiccant canisters

Desiccant canisters are a drop-in style desiccant and sorbent components that help maintain drug stability and prolong shelf life inside healthcare packaging containers.  Available with a variety of active materials, canisters offer the added benefit of high-speed insertion on standard packaging equipment.  Unlike desiccant packets, canisters do not require a cutting process for automatic insertion and can be hopper fed. (Learn more on our CompatilusTM Program)


Canisters are ideal for pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products that are susceptible to either chemical or physical degradation due to moisture.  Silica gel (silicone dioxide) and molecular sieve (zeolite) are offered depending on the moisture adsorption attributes required for any given application.  Active carbon is used either independently or in combination with silica gel to provide odor adsorption properties.

Airnov’s laser-marked canister (see image above) is the newest innovation in the desiccant canister product line. This unique product removes inks, adhesives, labels, and varnishes to reduce contamination risks, creating a more sustainable canister. Laser-marking artwork is produced in-house, reducing time to market for custom-marked canisters. Sorbent materials include silica gel , activated carbon , and combinations to meet specific stability requirements.

Airnov offers desiccant canisters that are fully compliant with US FDA and EU regulations for use in pharmacuetical applications and that comply with US Pharmaceopia USP <670> standard for pharmaceutical desiccants.


  • Cost efficient due to a robust design: Rigid construction facilitates continuous hopper feeding and high-speed insertion on standard insertion equipment.
  • Versatile sorbent materials:  Silica gel, molecular sieve, active carbon and combinations to fit specific stability requirements
  • Wide range of sizes: Standard sizes include 1g, 2g, and 3g.
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP):  High capacity with production of over 1 billion canister per year at multiple sites for BCP.
  • Standard or customized:  An array of standard products are available, whether off-the-shelf or make-to-order, with customization available
  • Accurate and differentiating: Labels offer high visibility of “do not eat” warnings and are available in colors to help differentiate from drug products.


Product Sheets

Product Sheet Desiccant Canisters

Product Sheet Laser-Marked Canister

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