Desiccant bags

Desiccant Bags are larger sorbents that adsorb moisture to maintain stability of healthcare products, such as pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, APIs, excipients, reagents and other healthcare-related materials. Bags are ideal for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, diagnostic and medical devices that are susceptible to either chemical or physical degradation due to moisture.


Silica gel (silicone dioxide), molecular sieve (synthetic zeolite) and clay are offered depending on the moisture adsorption attributes required for any given application. Desiccant bags are often used for finished products where a larger amount of desiccant is required compared to desiccant packets and canisters, as well as in bulk packaging for storage, shipping, or work-in-process material. Airnov offers desiccant bags that are fully compliant with US FDA and EU regulations for use in pharmaceutical applications and that comply with US Pharmacopeia USP <670> standards for pharmaceutical desiccants.  Bags are produced in production facilities certified under ISO 15378:2017 GMP requirements for the manufacture of packaging for pharmaceuticals.


  • Designed for healthcare: Bags comply with the latest US Pharmacopeia, US FDA, and ISO requirements for use in pharmaceutical packaging applications
  • Cost efficient:  Airnov offers products from worldwide production sites with various nonwoven options.
  • Versatile sorbent materials:  Primary desiccant materials include silica gel and molecular sieve to fit specific stability requirements.
  • Wide range of sizes: Standard sizes range from 25g to 400g.
  • Business Continuity Planning (BCP):  Production of like products is available from multiple sites worldwide.
  • Standard or customized:  Both stock quick-ship material or make-to-order for strict batch sizes are available.


Product Sheet

Product Sheet Desiccant bags
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