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Clamco Extra Large 8L L-Bar Sealer

Extra Large High-Performance L-bar Sealers

The Clamco heavy-duty 8L-bar sealers are available in several seal lengths—50”, 69” and the extra long 88”, all with a 39” seal width, perfect for oversize products that need shrink wrap protection. Larger custom sizes are also available.

Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealers can be used with a wide range of films due to their precise temperature and speed controls. These dependable L-bar sealers are equipped with a sealing arm that works manually, pneumatically, or with a motor. The robust design of the Clamco systems provides the framework for greater productivity and ensures consistently strong seals.

The use of integrated application-specific controls allow for easy and fast operator set-up and provide years of trouble-free operation. The Clamco 8L-bar sealers reduce the need for a hot knife seal bar with a unique seal wire temperature control system. In addition to the temperature control, the Clamco L-Bar sealer has dwell control for continued seal time under pressure, and speed control for the product power take-away conveyor. The Clamco system also has a convenient adjustable height control for the power take-away conveyor to provide smooth product transfer.

The Clamco heavy-duty 8L-bar sealers are 24/7 machines that minimize maintenance, provide consistently strong seals and

The Clamco heavy duty L-bar sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3-year limited warranty.



Operating Features

  • Power take-away conveyor for automatically transporting the product from the seal area
  • Automatic closing seal bar arm (optional)
  • Heavy duty frame construction provides 24/7 operation
  • Easy-to-use operator controls enhance operator effectiveness
  • Independent dwell control allows flexibility for utilizing a wide range of films

Set-up Features

  • Cycle delay sets the time between cycles in automatic mode (optional)
  • Lower Film Cradle gives the machine a smaller footprint

Sealing Features

  • Large dual magnetic hold down ensures consistent seal pressure
  • Height adjustable, heavy duty seal head with stainless steel film clamps
  • Unique temperature control provides consistent seals and longer wire life
  • Spring tension adjustment enhances seal arm counterbalance and return speed
  • Pin perforation wheels allow for ventilation and excellent shrink

Safety Features

  • Cycle start button for operator safety
  • Locking casters for safety and stability
  • CE compliant design for enhanced troubleshooting


Model Clamco 8L-A Clamco 8L-B Clamco 8L-C
Seal Width (Cross Seal) 39″ 39″ 39″
Seal length (Longitudinal Seal) 50″ 69″ 88″
Maximum film width 52″ 52″ 52″
Overall Dimensions 87″L x 51″W x 41″H 101″L x 51″W x 41″H 119″L x 51″W x 41″H
Electrical 220 Volt, 20 amp, 1 Ph
Shipping Weight 1300 lbs 1425 lbs 1650 lbs




L-bar Sealer Options

  • Automatic (electric or pneumatic) closing seal arm (8L-A)
  • Automatic (pneumatic) closing seal arm for high volume operations (8L-B C only)
  • Hot Knife Seal System (Replaces Impulse Wire Seal)

Operating Options

  • Double Film Cradle for twice the capacity of machine film
  • Film Inverting Head with power film unwind ensures for
    in-line product feed
  • Power Film Unwind w/ dancer bar provides easy film feed
    and tracking
  • Trim Take-Up Wheel automatically collects trim onto a
    wheel neatly (prevents film from collecting on the floor)
  • Blower Table provides air assist to keep film open for faster product insertion adds air to the film for easier product loading
  • 316 Stainless steel construction for food and wet environments
  • Package Lift for assistance with heavy or oversized products

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