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Clamco 4C and 6C Combo Shrink Wrap Machines

Heavy duty combo shrink wrap machines

The Clamco 4C and 6C combo shrink wrap machines combine a heavy duty L-bar sealer and shrink tunnel for packing, sealing, and shrink wrapping a variety of products. Clamco combo shrink wrap systems can be used with a wide range of films due to their precise temperature and speed controls. These combo shrink wrap machines come with a standard power take-away system and are available with a sealer arm that works manually, pneumatically, or with a motor.

Built for performance

The robust design of the Clamco systems provides the framework for greater productivity and ensures consistently strong seals. The digitally temperature controlled tunnel provides for consistent shrink. The use of integrated application-specific controls allow for easy and fast operator set-up and provides for years of trouble free operation.

Industry leading durability and technology

The Clamco 4C and Clamco 6C combo machines are heavy duty shrink systems engineered for 24/7 use. Designed to minimize maintenance and provide consistent strong seals they can be used with a wide range of films. The Clamco seal system eliminates the need for a hot knife seal bar by utilizing a unique seal wire temperature control system. The Clamco system has a single adjustable height control for the product take-away and tunnel conveyor to deliver smooth product transfer. The height of the tunnel chamber is adjustable, increasing shrink efficiency for short products. Additionally, Green Mode allows for the Clamco 4C and Clamco 6C to slow down and conserve energy when the machine remains idle for several minutes.

Clamco 4C and 6C Combo L-bar sealers and shrink tunnels are made in the USA and include a 3 year limited warranty.

Leasing Options from $180/month

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L-Bar Sealer Features

  • Proprietary seal temperature control provides consistent seals and longer wire life
  • Heavy duty dual magnetic hold down ensures consistent seal
  • Quick conveyor height adjustment facilitates centering of the seal on the product
  • Adjustable package tray and film cradle with pinwheel perforator enhances technician productivity

Shrink Tunnel Features

  • Power Take-away System enhances technician productivity
  • Live/dead roller system allows the use of a wide variety of films
  • Green Mode allows the system to slow down and conserve energy when not in use
  • Digitally controlled tunnel temperature with 360° air circulation for top performance
  • Adjustable tunnel chamber height increases shrink efficiency
  • Side and bottom dampers for optimal air flow adjustment

Operating Features

  • Convenient trim collection reduces clean-up
  • Easy-to-use operator controls require minimal training
  • Low film cradle for easy access when changing rolls
  • Heavy duty construction built for 24/7 service
  • Automatic cool down and shut off function extends the life of the machine

Safety Features

  • Designed to meet CE safety requirements
  • Adjustable foot pads to ensure operator safety and machine stability
  • Emergency stop button


Model Clamco 4C Combo Clamco 6C Combo
Seal length (end) 18.5″ 27.5″
Seal length (side) 21.5″ 33″
Film width (max) 24″ 32″
Tunnel opening width 15.5″ 25.5″
Tunnel opening height (std./opt.) 9″/13″ 13.5″/17.5″
Tunnel inside height (std./opt.) 11″/15″ 15.5″/19.5″
Tunnel inside length 26.5″ 34″
Tunnel power 6,000 watts 9,000 watts
Overall dimensions 84″L x 31″W x 57″H 110″L x 39″W x 62″H
Electrical Requirements 220V, 20 amp, 3 Ph 220V, 30 amp, 3 Ph
Weight 666 lbs 970 lbs
Shipping weight 904 lbs 1225 lbs
Warranty 3 years 3 years








L-Bar Options

  • Automatic (pneumatic or motorized) closing seal bar armimproves ergonomics and increases production rate
  • Power film unwindassists in the transport of the film during loading
  • Inverting head with power film unwind—load product from the side with greater ease to reduce product load time
  • Trim take-up wheelwinds up excess trim to keep work area neat
  • Blower tableblows the film open via holes on the load table to make it easier to load large products
  • Electric hole punchideal for heavier films too thick to be perforated

Tunnel Options

  • 4″ tunnel height extensionfor tall products
  • 1″ roller spacingincreases air flow from the bottom of tunnel to the product
  • Mesh belt overlayused when shrink wrapping small products

Other Options

  • Double film cradleallows the user to keep two rolls of film on the machine
  • Exit Conveyorallows packages to quickly roll away from the machine
  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction—for food environments or those where corrosion is an issue
  • Spare parts kitcontains the most common consumable parts
  • 220V 1 phasefor environments that do not have 220V 3 phase

Additional customization is offered to meet various packaging applications. Please contact us for details.

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