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Clamco 120C and 240C Combo Shrink Wrap Machines

Combo Shrink Wrap Machines deliver time tested performance

The Clamco 120C and the upgraded 240C Combo Shrink Wrap System combines an L-bar sealer with a shrink tunnel in one robust, compact unit. The Clamco 120C refers to 120V and 2,100 Watts, which is an excellent choice for an entry-level machine. If you require a more robust system, the Clamco 240C is a 220V machine with a full 4,000 Watts of tunnel power and a motorized Power Take-away Conveyor. Each Combo System shares a common heavy duty frame and base for unrivaled durability. Systems are engineered for quick setup, alignment, and product transfer between the sealer and the tunnel. The sturdy design of the Clamco 120C/240C Combo System provides the framework for greater productivity and ensures consistent seals. The use of integrated, application specific controls allows for easy and fast set-up and will provide years of trouble free operation.

More and better standard features

The Clamco 120C/240C includes standard features like heavy duty package tray and film cradle with pinwheel perforator, the largest shrink tunnel in its class, and 11-gauge steel construction throughout. Increase packaging efficiency with a Combo 240C semi-automatic shrink packaging system equipped with our Power Take-away option. Additionally, Green Mode allows for the 120C/240C to slow down and conserve energy when the machine remains idle for several minutes. The Combo Series includes standard features and unique advantages not found on competitive systems and at a comparatively lower price, considered the best value in its category.

Clamco Combination L-bar sealers and shrink tunnels are proudly made in the USA and include a 2 year limited warranty.

Leasing Options from $240/month



L-Bar Sealer Features

  • Seal Area 16″ x 20″ (406mm x 508mm)
  • Heavy duty seal arm bar
  • Heavy duty magnetic hold down to ensure consistent seal pressure with stainless steel film clamps
  • Quick height adjustment facilitates centering the seal on the product
  • Seal temperature and dwell control provides high seal repeatability
  • Microprocessor controlled heat cycle with automatic temperature compensation

Shrink Tunnel Features

  • Tunnel chamber size: 16″W x 20″L x 8″H
  • Unitized sealer/tunnel combination with console stand for excellent durability
  • Digitally controlled tunnel temperature for superior consistency
  • Heavy duty blower provides 360° air circulation for optimized performance
  • Tunnel conveyor features PTFE coated fiberglass mesh belt for greater bottom airflow
  • Adjustable airflow and variable tunnel conveyor speed to maximize shrink performance
  • Tunnel curtain design minimizes heat loss and maintains tunnel temperature consistency

Operating Features

  • Green Mode to slow down and conserve energy when not used for several minutes
  • User friendly operator controls for fast, easy and repeatable set up
  • Dwell control provides additional flexibility for utilizing a wide range of films
  • Film cradle can accommodate up to 20″ CF wide roll of film
  • Pinwheel perforator for rapid air escape that results in excellent shrink
  • Electrical: 120V, 20 amps, 50/60 Hz for 120 Combo/ 220V, 25 amps, 50/60 Hz for 240 Combo
  • 120C delivers 2,100 watt tunnel heating power for many applications
  • 240C with 4,000 watt tunnel heating power provides top performance
  • Variable-speed Power Take-away Conveyor to match operator speed (Option on 120C)
  • Adjustable package tray and film cradle with variable brake
  • Robust design with welded steel frame and heavy duty seal arm ensure durability

Safety Features

  • Automatic cool down timer and shut off for maximum component reliability
  • Designed to meet CE requirements
  • Locking casters for safe, stable operation
  • Emergency stop button


Model 120C Combo 240C Combo
Seal length (end) 16″ 16″
Seal length (side) 20″ 20″
Film width (max) 20″ Centerfold 20″ Centerfold
Tunnel opening width 16″ 16″
Tunnel opening height 8″ 8″
Tunnel inside height 8″ 8″
Tunnel inside length 20″ 20″
Tunnel power (watts) 2100 Watts 4000 Watts
Electrical Requirements 120V, 20 amps, 50/60 Hz 220V, 25 amps, 50/60 Hz
Overall Dimensions 90″L x 24″W x 52″H 90″L x 24″W x 52″H
Shipping weight (approx.) 635 lbs 635 lbs








Operating Options

  • Power Take-away Conveyor for 120 Combo for faster paced environments
  • Hot Knife (240 Combo only) cuts and seals plastic films excellent for heavier films
  • 2″ Seal Bar Extension (22″ Long) gives the operator more room for longer packages
  • Scrap Take-up Wheel ensures a clean environment in a high volume scrap operation
  • Additional Film Perforation Kit for 120C/240C Combo ensures vented packages
  • Custom Compact Crate available for 120/240 Combo (multi purchase) reduces delivery costs

Maintenance Options

  • Service Parts Kit for 120/240 Combo ideal for companies with in house maintenance
  • Hot Knife Spare Parts Kit

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