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Case study: 3-Pocket Pouch

For the Bioconcepts Sampling Industry
A high-profile client in the bioconcepts sampling industry approached us to design and manufacture custom 3-pocket pouches for bioenvironmental samples. As experts in creating perfectly suited custom packaging products, we worked closely with them to ensure all specifications were met. Using our state-of-the-art pouch machine with multi sequencing, we manufactured a final product made up of of foil laminated structures. The finished pouch had:
  • An overall ID of Ø11.25″
  • An ID of Ø 7” in each pocket
  • A pocket width of 3.25″
Tolerances of ±1/8″ were maintained throughout the project. We carefully inspected and tested the pouches before promptly shipping them to our customer. Upon receipt, the client was thrilled to find we had met all of their needs while exceeding their expectations. To learn more about this particular project, or to find out how James Dawson can best serve your requirements, please contact us.

Project Highlights


Product Description
  • Three-pocket pouch used in the bioenvironmental sampling industry
Capabilities applied / Processes
  • Pouch machine with multi sequencing
  • Overall ID: Ø11.25
  • Each pocket ID:  Ø 7”
  • Pocket width: 3.25″
  • ±1/8″
  • Foil laminated structures
Testing & inspection
  • 1 of every 100 pressure tank tested
Delivery location
  • North America and worldwide export


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