Effervescent Diagnostic Test Strip Packaging

James Dawson carries an inventory of Clariant’s rigid tubes and desiccant stoppers create an ideal package for effervescent tablets, chewables and lozenges, as well as diagnostic test strips. The packaging effectively protects products from breakage and moisture degradation, supporting shelf-life and brand appeal.

By using a combination of different thermoplastic polymers, our tubes and stoppers create a tight seal between stopper and tube to protect the tablets from moisture ingress.

Stoppers can be filled with silica gel, molecular sieve or bentonite desiccant provide the desired control package environment. Tubes can include 6-color printing and are conducive to point-of-sale merchandising.
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  • Tubes desiccant stoppers protect pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and diagnostic products from moisture degradation.
  • The package configuration is well suited for automated filling.
  • The unique packaging solution can enhance brand equity.
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