Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger

Unique design for unique applications
The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger is designed to meet the unique requirements of large bag packaging with a horizontal loading configuration. The Magnum Horizontal is ideal for long or bulky products or applications requiring special handling or orientation.

Custom bag sizes at the push of a button
The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger works with poly tubing as well as pre-opened bags on a roll. Using poly tubing can provide significant material cost savings, as well as reduced material inventory costs. Poly tubing also allows the bag length to be changed at the push of a button, right-sizing the bag for the product.

This automatic bagger can package products at speeds up to 70 bags per minute using pre-opened bags on a roll, and up to 40 bags per minute using poly tubing.

Simple to use, easy to integrate
The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger’s built-in interface simplifies integration of robotics or other automatic in-feed devices for in-line filling of long, bulky or variable length products. With the choice of a thermal transfer printer or a label applicator; text, bar codes, and graphics can be printed onto or applied to the bag. The Magnum Horizontal can be configured with a range of options (hole punch, wider seal bar, light curtain) to customize the automatic bagger to the specific packaging application.

Extendable warranty with the Complete System
The Rollbag Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger is made in the USA and includes a 1-year limited warranty, extendable up to 5 years when exclusively using Rollbag brand bags on a roll or poly tubing! Leasing Options from $520/month


Machine Features

  • Works with poly tubing as well as pre-opened bags on a roll
  • Lower material cost when using poly tubing by making bags in-line before they are filled and sealed
  • Wide color touchscreen is operator friendly and has clear readable prompts and alarms
  • Two foot long discharge conveyor
  • Quick roll change feature to increase productivity
  • Large diameter rolls and variable bag length enables machine to package products of practically any length
  • On board memory stores multiple job data to recall at a later date
  • Stand with casters and compact design provides portability

Maintenance Benefits

  • Designed to minimize preventive maintenance costs
  • Self diagnostics ensure quick problem solving
  • Off the shelf components

Safety Features

  • Low pressure closing with obstruction detection system for improved operator safety
  • Unobtrusive guards
  • Prominent emergency stop button
  • Safety light curtains for added operator safety during manual loading (optional)
  • 220V designed to meet CE requirements

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Model Magnum Horizontal Automatic Bagger
Speed Up to 40 bags per minute with poly tubing, 70 bags per minute with bags on a roll (dry cycle)
Bag Width 2″ – 13″ (51mm – 331mm)
Bag Length 4″ – 96″ (102mm x 2440mm)
Bag Thickness 1mil – 5mil
Seal Width 1/8″
Electrical Requirement 120v, 16a, 50/60hz
Air Requirement 80psi @ 5 CFM
Dimensions 38″W x 45″D x 45″H (965mm x 1143mm x 1143mm)
Weight 520lbs (236kg)
Warranty 1 year limited warranty, extendable up to 5 years when exclusively using Rollbag brand material
Origin Made in the USA










Printing Options

  • Thermal transfer printer for text, graphics, and barcodes printed right on the bag
  • Ideal for order fulfillment, print and apply shipping and other labels directly on the bag with Label printer applicator
  • Print Registration for use with pre-printed poly tubing that uses registered print
  • NiceLabel Pro Software for a thermal printer or label printer applicator

Sealing Options

  • 15″ Bag Width for sealing bags up to 15″ wide
  • 1/4″ Wide Seal for increased seal integrity
  • Header Bag with Hang Hole Punch to create a header seal with hang hole on the bag
  • Articulating guide arms assist in product loading
  • Extend the length of the exit conveyor or product load area

Product Loading Options

  • Easy Load Bag Opener squares the bag open for loading and pulls the seal flat prior to sealing
  • Increase the Seal Bar pass through to 6.25” for bulky products

Safety Options

  • When the PLC detects an error an Audible Warning System alarm sounds and the machine stops
  • Dual Palm Buttons must be pressed simultaneously in order for the machine to cycle
  • A Light Curtain prevents the operation of the bagger when the optical detection field is obstructed

Other Options

  • A pneumatic Adjustable Hole Punch puts a small hole in the bag, allowing for excess air to escape
  • The End of Roll Detector monitors when bags are in position and when the end of a roll has been reached
  • A Bag Deflator compresses the bag, expelling the air just prior to sealing
  • The Bag Open Sensor assures that when a bag is in the load position it is open and ready to accept product
  • 220V Wiring for facilities with 220V requirement
  • Clean Room Ported Exhaust is used inside of cleanroom
  • Separate Air Entry uses a different air stream to blow the bag open
  • Spare Parts Kit

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