PVK Med Bag-in-Box Validatable Vacuum Sealer

The PAC PVK Med Bag-in-Box sealer is a fully validatable medical vacuum impulse sealer designed to comply with the stringent guidelines of ISO 11607 terminally sterile packaging requirements. This industrial grade validatable vacuum sealer is intended for medical and other industrial applications where control of process parameters is critical and seal validation is required. The Bag-in-Box is designed for heavy bags (25lbs and up) that are used as a box liner, where the box comes under the sealer via a conveyor or support. The machine’s open-head design provides easy access to bag positioning. The sealing head is designed to float down to meet the package during the vacuum cycle to prevent the sealing jaws from supporting the product weight and manipulating bag material in the jaws.

The PVK Med line of validatable vacuum sealers is capable of producing consistent hermetic seals in a wide range of materials. Temperature control coupled with independent digital seal and cool timers, provide the ability to dial in settings for most any pouch or bag sealing application. Standard bi-active sealing jaws and jaw selector switch enable use with single or double sided heat giving the versatility to seal Tyvek™, heavy foils, and/or more complex materials.

The PAC PVK Med B-I-B is equipped with a hp vacuum pump to provide fast, efficient removal of air from most packages. Digital timers allow for precise independent control of vacuum and/or gas flush cycle. The Optional multi-stage cycle will allow for continuous cycles of vacuum and gas or gas and vacuum. This method will often produce lower residual oxygen levels faster than long-duration single vacuum and gas flush cycle.

The PVK Med is equipped with the PAC’s medical control system. It is a precise temperature based system with real time monitoring of all sealing parameters for applications requiring seal validation. Built-in alarm functions prevent operation when outside of validated settings. External ports in the control cabinet allow for verification and calibration of internal controllers, a requirement for IQ/OQ processes.

The PAC PVK Med Bag-in-Box sealer is made in the USA and includes a 3 year limited warranty.

Leasing Options from $580/month

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