Preserve Freshness, Minimize the Need for Preservatives, and Prolong Shelf Life in Packaged Foods

Oxy-Guard™ oxygen scavenging packets, also known as oxygen absorbers are a method of active packaging. Clariant’s oxygen absorbers aid in maintaining freshness in packaged foods such as pet treats, processed and dried meats, meals ready to eat (MRE’s), packaged coffee and teas.

Shelf life of packaged foods is also prolonged by avoiding food degradation due to oxygen that can lead to the growth of microorganisms. Foods with unsaturated fats and oils also benefit due to their highly susceptibility to oxidation.

A variety of sizes are available as either individual packets, or for automatic insertion, Oxy-Guard™ oxygen scavengers are also available as a continuous strip. Also available, Oxy-Guard™ Case Ready Meat oxygen absorbers ensure fast removal of oxygen in moist refrigerated conditions.




  • High capacity for oxygen absorption
  • Maintain oxygen level of less than 0.1% inside a sealed package during the intended shelf life
  • Help maintain taste, texture and freshness while preventing the conditions that may cause mold, microbial growth and rancidity in packaged foods
  • Oxygen absorbers minimize the need for preservatives
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