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Model 50 Hand Sealing Irons

Industrial Hand Sealing Irons for sealing heat activated materials and packaging

Clamco Model 50 industrial hand sealing irons are designed to seal plastic films, as well as tacking heat activated tapes, paper, carpet, fabrics and more. Model 50 hand sealing irons have a heated area 1-3/8″ x 4″, thermostatic heat setting control of 175°–550°F. A stainless steel heat diffuser keeps the wood handle comfortable for professional sealing and the cord is grounded for operator safety. These hand sealing irons come with a standard PTFE coating to seal polyethylene and other plastic films.

The Clamco Model 50 industrial hand sealing iron is made in the USA and includes 1 year limited warranty.

Clamco Bag Sealers Brochure


  • Accurately balanced and durably constructed
  • Thermostatic heat setting control 175°–550°F
  • Seals all heat-sealable materials
  • Standard coated PTFE shoe for sealing polyethylene and other plastic films
  • Grounded shoe
  • Aluminum shoe
  • Made in USA


Hand Sealing Irons:
Model 50C : 110V, 150W
Model 52C: 220V, 300W

  • Heavy duty rod type heat element may be quickly replaced




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