M8000 Medical Sealer w/ Quick Release Vacuum System

The New “Quick-Release Vacuum System”® is an innovative design allowing the user to easily remove the vacuum system and seal bar for simplified cleaning, sterilization and maintenance. The new vacuum and seal bar design accommodates a pouch with as little as 1” header space. The New linear element tensioner has no exposed electrical connections, won’t allow binding and assures element tension under all pressure settings. The new design simplifies element replacement and extends element life.


8000 Series Features

  • Full Digital, High-Speed, PLC Controller with Color enhanced LCD Touch screen HMI.
  • Password protected digital control of:
    • All seal parameters; temperature, time, pressure
    • Process recipes
    • Alarm settings
    • Calibration screens
  • Multiple Operating Modes – 5 Selectable modes:
    • Gas-Vac-Seal (1-99 cycles)
    • Vac-Seal
    • Seal Only
    • Vac-Gas-Vac-Seal
    • Vac-Gas-Seal (1-99 Cycles)
    • “Quick-Release Vacuum System”®
    • Easily Release the Vacuum and seal bar(s) for cleaning, sterilization and maintenance
  • Visible and Audible Alarms:
    • Cold Seal Temperature Profile
    • Jaw Obstruction
    • Seal Temperature with Settable High Low Alarms
    • Seal Pressure with Settable High and Low Alarms
  • NEMA 4X Stainless Steel Enclosure:
    • Laser cut and welded seams allow for cleaning and resists the effects of harsh biocides
  • Gas Purge Standard
    • High-Flow, Retracting Vacuum Nozzle
    • Upper and Lower Heating elements
    • High Pressure Seal Jaws with Guided Cylinder
  • Linear Element Tensioner:
    • New Element Tension Design Eliminates Hot Ends
    • Reduces Element Buckling
    • Easier to Maintenance
  • External Verification Ports for Calibration of:
    • Seal Temperature
    • Seal Time
    • Seal Pressure
    • Gas Pressure
  • Electronic Footswitch Activator
  • Safety Features
    • Emergency Stop
    • Safe Low Pressure Jaw Close
    • Internal ‘coyote’ high temperature limit
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Non-Particle generating Venturi Vacuum System
    • Isolated Exhaust Port
    • Clean Design to Class 100
    • Disposable vacuum line from nozzle to filter


Seal Length 8″, 11″, 16″
Seal Width 1/4″ , 3/8″
Vacuum Pressure Up to 26 in Hg Standard
Suction Flow 3.2 @ 80 psi
Machine Length 13.5″
Machine Width 16.5″
Machine Height 20″
Approx Weight 75 lbs.
Power Requirements 120V or 220V
Air Requirements 90-110 psi




Multiple Vacuum Nozzles (varies by bag and carrier plate size)
Vacuum Particle Filter
Vacuum Moisture/ liquid Filter
Exhaust Silencer
220VAC Conversion
CE Certification
Initial Calibration

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