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Clamco Extra Large Heat Shrink Tunnels

Durable High-Performance Shrink Tunnels

The Clamco Heavy Duty Extra Large Heat Shrink Tunnels feature extra length when compared to our standard heavy duty tunnels and are perfect for packing, sealing, and shrink wrapping larger size products. The extra length can also accommodate longer shrink time at a faster pace or film that requires a lower shrink temperature. Due to their precise temperature and speed controls, Clamco extra length tunnels are perfect for shrinking a wide range of films, from the lightest polyolefin to the toughest polyethylene films. Combine this durable shrink tunnel with the heavy duty Clamco L-Bar Sealer or our versatile 6800CS Side Sealer to create a complete shrink system.

These high-performance tunnels are engineered with 360° airflow and two blowers to further enhance control of film shrink. Optional dual zone controls can be used to set two different temperature zones in the tunnel chamber. Optional independent air velocity control allows the user to adjust the speed of each blower to optimize airflow in the tunnel, especially important at high speeds.

Clamco extra large tunnels are built with automatic cool down and shut off to extend the life of the tunnel. The tunnel curtain design and tunnel insulation minimize heat loss, maintain tunnel temperature consistency and keep outside tunnel panels cooler. Optional external fans help cool the product and complete the shrink cycle.

These Clamco tunnels are heavy-duty 24/7 machines with unique microprocessor controls for consistent shrink on a variety of applications. Count on Clamco extra large shrink tunnels for dependable performance.

Clamco 4Tx2, 6Tx2 and 8T Series Extra Large Heat Shrink Tunnels are made in the USA and include a 3-year limited warranty.

Leasing Options from $240/month



Operating Features

  • Heavy duty console for stability and strength
  • 360° air flow with dual blowers to enhance film shrink
  • Double entry and exit curtains for consistent temperature
  • Slide dampers in the tunnel help adjust the airflow characteristics
  • Fully insulated tunnel helps maintain consistent heating
  • Automatic cool down to extend the life of the heating element
  • 1.5″ roller spacing perfect for smaller products
  • Variable speed live/dead roller belt conveyor for variable conveyor speeds
  • Digital temperature control for accurate temperature readings
  • 3–year limited warranty

Safety Features

  • Leveling feet and casters for mobility, stability and safety
  • Emergency stop switch if an emergency occurs during operation
  • Main breaker switch designed to trip before electrical draw exceeds carrying capacity


Model Clamco 4Tx2 Clamco 6Tx2 Clamco 8Tx2 Clamco 8Tx3
Tunnel opening width 15.5″ 23.5″ 46″ 46″
Tunnel opening height 9″
(13″ optional)
(17.5″ optional)
(17.5″ optional)
(17.5″ optional)
Tunnel inside height 11″
(15″ optional)
(19.5″ optional)
(19.5″ optional)
(19.5″ optional)
Tunnel inside length 50″ 66″ 66″ 99″
Overall Dimensions 60″L x 30″W x 59″H 80″L x 38″W x 67″H 80″L x 57″W x 67″H 102″L x 57″W x 67″H
Conveyor speed (max) 125 feet/minute 125 feet/minute 125 feet/minute 125 feet/minute
Electrical requirements 230 volt, 30 amp, 3 ph 230 volt, 55 amp, 3 ph 230 volt, 61 amp, 3 ph 230 volt, 92 amp, 3 ph
Heating power 12,000 watts 18,000 watts 24,000 watts 36,000 watts




Operating Options

  • 1″ Roller spacing accommodates smaller products and ensures
    significant tunnel turbulence
  • 4″ Extended height tunnel opening clearance for taller packages
  • Dual zone temperature controls for additional tunnel temperature areas for quick shrink applications and longer cool times
    (Multi-zone temperature option for Clamco 8Tx3)
  • Independent variable air velocity control adjusts the speed
    of each blower
  • External cooling fans at the end of the tunnel to complete shrinking process and cool product
  • Exit Conveyor to support the product when it exits the tunnel
  • Roller Transfer Conveyor for transition from the sealer to the tunnel
  • Independent variable air velocity controls to adjust the speed
    of each blower
  • 400 volt, 3ph for European electrical applications

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