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Clamco 160B/300B Single Arm Shrink Wrap Sealers

Single Arm Shrink Wrap Sealers are Ideal for Packaging in a Retail Store or Office Environment

The Clamco 160B 300B are compact single arm I-bar shrink wrap sealers. These machines are suitable for sealing small production quantities for use with shrink film, bags, or tubing.

The 160B 300B work well with all shrink films and consistently deliver superior seals. These I-bar sealers are often used in combination with an available heat gun to shrink wrap products. The 160B 300B sealers are equipped with a sealing/cutting wire, which seals and cuts the material in one simple and efficient operation. The control panel features adjustable time/temperature control, and an on/off cycle indicator light.

The 160B 300B systems offer a flexible low-budget solution for your small production quantities and requires less space than the other shrink wrap solutions. The 160B 300B systems are ideal for use in stores, offices and other environments where a reduced machine footprint is desired.

The 160B 300B compact single arm shrink wrap sealers are made in the USA and include 2-year limited warranty.


Sealing Features

  • Adjustable time and temperature control for
    consistent seals every time
  • Seals and cuts shrink film in one simple operation
  • Works well with all shrink film

Operating Features

  • Compact size, fits almost anywhere
  • Ideal for sealing small quantities
  • Works with standard household electricity so there is no need for special wiring
  • Rugged but lightweight making it portable and deliverable by any carrier
  • Often used in combination with available heat shrink gun


Model 160B Sealer 300B Sealer
Maximum Seal Length 16″ 30″
Maximum Film Width 16″ 30″
Film Roll Diameter 10″ 10″
Maximum Product Size 16″L x 12″W x 2″H 30″L x 22″W x 4″H
Machine Dimensions 25″L x 17″W x 16″H 39″L x 16″W x 24″H
Electrical Requirements 120V, 3A, (220V, 1.5A) 120V, 10A (220V, 5A)
Machine Weight 33 lbs 55 lbs




  • 220V Wiring
  • Heat Gun Accessory with Variable Thermal Control to shrink film after sealing with the I-bar Sealer
  • Seal Cover Curtains for PE/PVC Films
  • Spare Parts Kit

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