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Now located in Mississauga, ON at 2425 Matheson Blvd East, Suite 800
Wed 15th Nov 2017 at 11:17am, 0 comments
Boveda 62% RH 2-Way Humidity Control Humectant produces a significant amount of Acetone as a byproduct compared to Integra Boost 62% RH; which was Non-Detect (<1.0ug/l)
Tue 23rd May 2017 at 4:02pm, 0 comments
If you are Curing and/or Storing Cannabis? You'll want to see this video on how help protect from Mold & Dryness.
Fri 21st Apr 2017 at 9:47am, 0 comments
Learn about our exciting new product for the medical and recreational cannabis industry Dessicare Cannabis Humidiccant Interga Boost
Thu 20th Apr 2017 at 11:45am, 0 comments
Have a look at this 1 min & 40 second simulation Satellite video, it is tracking the world's merchant fleet using data from the International AIS system.
Tue 8th Nov 2016 at 2:14pm, 0 comments
Around since 1956 the shipping container is now seen as sexy, I know right?! But where would it be without the real hero, Desiccants... have a look.
Tue 1st Nov 2016 at 9:12am, 0 comments
Oxygen absorbers are made using food grade materials & designed primarily to prolong the shelf life of food. They prevent a change of color in food products, stop oils in foods from becoming rancid and prevent the growth of aerobic microorganisms such as fungi. Oxygen absorbers effectively reduce the aerobic environment to 0% oxygen thus preventing aerobic bacteria and fungi from growing.
Wed 19th Oct 2016 at 10:13am, 0 comments
Activated carbon is a desiccant used to control objectionable odors and gases through the process of adsorption. It is recognized as the safest and most efficient way to treat airborne chemicals, gaseous pollutants, fumes and odors. Carbon is activated by a process that opens millions of tiny pores and fissures to boost the material's adsorbent properties. A single pound of activated carbon has a surface area of 125 acres. In fact, it is so effective that it's used by the military to combat the world's most dangerous airborne pollutants. What is Activated Carbon?Activated carbon is an excellent sorbent usually derived from charcoal, thus, it is also called activated charcoal or activated coal. Sometimes the word "active" is substituted for activated. Activated carbon is a form of carbon processed to have small low-volume pores that increase the surface area available for the adsorption of odors so that just one gram of activated carbon has a surface area in excess of 500 m2. Further c
Mon 12th Sep 2016 at 3:34pm, 0 comments
Zerust vapor capsules are easy-to-use, portable capsules that contain a patented corrosion inhibiting technology called Zerust® ICT™. These capsules emit powerful corrosion inhibiting molecules into an enclosure and settle on metal surfaces to protect them from corrosion
Fri 1st Jul 2016 at 9:49am, 0 comments
Aroma-Can Enhance Brand Recognition with Scented Canisters. Scented canisters are general used by nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, food, candy and chemical industries to enhance the desirability of their products by adding a pleasant scent to product packaging.
Wed 1st Jun 2016 at 11:54am, 0 comments

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