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BandRite 6000

For Reliable Automatic Sealing Ideal for both polyethylene and barrier film, PackRite’s Band Sealers provide speed and accuracy to maximize the productivity on your line.

Easy to operate and even easier to maintain, the BandRite and FreshRite automatic band sealers out-perform your expectations – especially when handling notorious packaging chal- lenges such as poultry.

Available in two models. These versatile multi-capacity machines seals a variety of materials and allows for different sealing impressions and widths.

Change from one type of bag to another with no tools and virtually no downtime thanks to PackRite’s industry-leading and operator-friendly tilt- away drive system.

Fast your production line demands outstanding seals at speed. Usually sold with a conveyor, our reliable band sealers can run up to 750 in. per minute and seal up to 12 mil single thickness or 6 mil single thickness on bags with gussets (24 mil total).

Durable PackRite band sealers are production-line work horses that were made for multi-shift industrial operations.

An excellent choice for food, agriculture and military applications where government regulations such as MIL- SPEC and USDA packaging guidelines must be met, the heavy-duty BandRite and FreshRite band sealers are compliant, expandable, and easily serviced.
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  • Recommended For Packaging types: Food grade applications: fresh poultry, IQF packaging, produce
  • Seal Width: 0.375 in., 0.75 in.
  • Heating: Section 10 in.
  • Cooling Section: 8 in.
  • Sealing Capacity: 6 mil single thickness gusseted bags, 12 mil single thickness fl at bags
  • Sealing Bands: Nonstick coated fabric bands (no tools required band change)
  • Feed Direction: Right to left, left to right
  • Sealing Speed: Variable speed up to 750 in. per minute
  • Temperature Control: 600 ± 2 oF
  • Electrical Voltage: 115 V (standard), 230 V (optional)
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Options: Bag trimmers, coders, casters, conveyors, bag crimpers, horizontal sealing position, etc.
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