Audionvac VMS 153V Vertical Tabletop Vacuum Chamber

Tabletop Vertical Chamber Vacuum Sealer ideal for use with stand-up vacuum pouches!

The Audion VMS 153V is a vertical tabletop vacuum chamber packaging machine for vacuum packaging stand-up pouches of solids, liquids, or powders and is perfect for maximum removal of air to extend shelf life. The well-constructed 153V is built with easy to clean stainless steel to meet the most demanding requirements of many industries including food processing, medical and pharmaceutical, hardware and electronics.

The Audion VMS 153V includes a plate in the chamber that can be adjusted for different bag heights of pre-made vacuum pouches. The 153V vacuum chamber is equipped with standard dual 1/8” wide seals with one jaw heated. Also, available is a Bi-active single flat seal (top and bottom heated) option for foil and thick laminate pouches.

When using the VMS 153V vacuum chamber, set up is easy and no external air supply is needed. The VMS 153V vertical chamber vacuum sealer features a 10–program memory and soft air return. Soft air return protects delicate products by ensuring that air is gradually let back into the chamber at the end of the vacuum cycle. This vertical tabletop vacuum packaging machines provide the utmost in reliability, technology, and build quality.

The Audion VMS 153V includes an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty.


User Benefits

  • Smooth, stainless steel chamber is easy to clean
  • Clear cover lid to visually monitor progress
  • Compact design requires minimal space
  • Vertical packing configuration for products in stand-up pouches
  • Super dependable with an excellent return on investment
  • Industry-leading 3 year limited warranty

Set-up Benefits

  • Logical, user friendly controls
  • Easy to read display
  • Height adjustable load shelf for bags of different lengths
  • Standard 120V electrical requirement
  • No compressed air or special connections required

Operating Benefits

  • Use with pre-made vacuum bags
  • Powerful Busch vacuum pump
  • Digital controls for quick adjustment
  • Very low residual oxygen
  • Soft Air function for optimum packaging results and for fragile or sharp products

Safety Benefits

  • Designed to meet CE requirements


Model VMS 153V
Seal Type (in) 2 x 1/8
Seal Length (in) 15
Seal Bar Configuration
Chamber Size (W x D x H in) 15 x 3.15 x 10.6
Vacuum Pump Busch 21 (1.25 HP)
Digital Programs 10
Soft Air
Electrical 115V
Dimensions (W x D x H in) 20 x 20 x 30



  • Gas flush cycle for nitrogen purging
  • Bi-active seal for gusseted bags (5mm or 8mm)
  • Liquid filter

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