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Audion TT 550V Vertical Band Sealer

The Audion TT 550V is a tabletop vertical band sealer ideal for the packaging products that are best sealed when standing up. Typical uses include sealing bags of whole bean or ground coffee, as well as soups and other products containing liquid.

The Audion TT 550V band sealer works well in applications that require accurate control of sealing temperature for consistent seal integrity. This sealer features adjustable supports on the conveyor to guide the package during the sealing process. The height of this versatile band sealer can even be adjusted to accommodate standing pouches of up to 13.5″ tall.

The Audion TT 550V band sealer is capable of sealing a wide variety of materials including: polyethylene, polypropylene, and laminates. This band sealer uses specially-designed PTFE seal belts to seal foil-laminated pouches and bags as well.

With a seal speed of up to 400 inches/min and sealing temperature of up to 570° F, the Audion TT 550V vertical band sealer allows an operator to seal more packages per hour than with a regular bar sealer. The intuitive controls of this band sealer assure excellent packaging results faster.

This band sealer features a variety of operating adjustments to best tailor the machine to the packaging application. The TT 550V is extremely reliable and easy to service. Furthermore, the automatic cool down function serves to lengthen the life of the seal belts.

The TT 550V band sealer is equipped with a variety of safety benefits, including an intrinsically safe sealing system, emergency stop button for quick machine shutdown, and a CE compliant design for ease of troubleshooting.

Backed by our industry-leading 3 year limited warranty, the TT 550V band sealer will allow you to pack your product quickly and reliably for the years to come.

Leasing Options from $170/month

TT 550V Band Sealer Spec Sheet


User Benefits

  • Easy to use
  • Intuitive controls assure excellent results fast
  • Adjustable seal position for added versatility
  • Use standing or seated at a table

Set-up Benefits

  • Quickly dial in all sealing parameters
  • Adjustable temperature with digital display
  • Sealing speed adjustable from 0 – 400 in/min
  • Adjustable sealing pressure
  • Maximum available temperature 480ºF
  • Adjustable bag guide

Operating Benefits

  • Precision controls for every function and sealing parameter
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Ready lights indicate operation within the set parameters
  • Easy to monitor digital controls
  • Cool run shutdown to lengthen life of seal belts
  • Industry-leading 3 year limited warranty

Safety Benefits

  • Tabletop design for improved ergonomics and ease of use
  • Emergency stop button ensures quick machine shutdown
  • Intrinsically safe sealing system
  • CE compliant design for enhanced safety and ease of troubleshooting


Tech Specs Audion TT 550V
Seal Width 3/8″
Seal Temperature up to 480° F (250° C)
Sealing Speed up to 400 inches/min (10 meters/min)
Electrical 120 Volt, 5A, 1 phase
Machine Weight 100 lbs
Machine Dimensions (w x d x h) 24″ x 14″ x 28″
Warranty 3 years




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