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Audion Sealmaster Magneta Impulse Sealer

The Audion Sealmaster Magneta is a reliable impulse bag sealer that provides high-quality seals time after time. The Magneta impulse sealer is ideal for medium-duty applications where you need to seal up to a few thousand poly bags per day.

The Magneta impulse bag sealer is equipped with a magnetic hold down device that ensures consistent seals independently of the operator. This impulse sealer can be operated by hand or with an optional foot pedal. There is also an optional motorized version (MGM) that automatically closes the seal bars with the gentle push on the pedal.

The Magneta impulse sealer works with polyethylene, polypropylene, and other film laminates. This polybag impulse sealer can work with pre-made bags as well as poly-tubing. When working with tubing, the machine can produce various length bags by using the integrated cutter. The Magneta impulse sealer is extremely easy to maintain, as the seal bar can be replaced in less than a minute.

The Audion Sealmaster Magneta is made in Europe, includes an industry-leading three year warranty, and can last well over a decade with proper care.

Audion Sealmaster Magneta Brochure


  • Seal Length: 12.5″, 16.5″, 24.5″, 32″, 40″
  • Seal Width: 1/8″
  • Independent seal and cool timers
  • Long-life cutting blade
  • Maximum film thickness (PE): 2 x 8 mil
  • Electrical requirement: 115V
  • 3 year limited warranty


  • Twin seal
  • Code seal (text embossed in the seal)
  • Stand with mechanical foot pedal (SP)
  • Workshelf with bag support (OTST)
  • Rolloflux tabletop roll holder for poly tubing (RL)
  • Set of rollers for stand to hold poly tubing (SR)
  • Electric foot pedal (MGM version)
  • Stainless steel housing












Sealmaster Magneta 321 – 12.5″ seal length

  • 321 MG – standard

Sealmaster Magneta 421 – 16.5″ seal length

  • 421 MG – standard
  • 421 MGM – motorized operation
  • 421 MGT – twin seal
  • 421 MGS – stainless steel

Sealmaster Magneta 621 – 24.5″ seal length

  • 621 MG – standard
  • 621 MGM – motorized operation
  • 621 MGT – twin seal
  • 621 MGS – stainless steel

Sealmaster Magneta 821 – 32″ seal length

  • 821 MGI -standard
  • 821 MGM -motorized operation

Sealmaster Magneta 1021 – 40″ seal length

  • 1021 MGI -standard
  • 1021 MGM -motorized operation

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