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675 smartVAC2 Vacuum Sealer

Our newest smartVAC2 integrates a new HMI digital display and PLC controls, resulting in improved user interface and reliability. The smartVAC2 is built to handle the most challenging industrial production environments, with intuitive user-friendly controls that operators can learn in minutes. Open ended seal bars and pneumatic vacuum nozzle retraction improve flexibility and production efficiency. Standard safety features include low pressure jaw close and emergency stop switch. The smartVAC2 sealer is designed for tabletop or standmounting for ease of relocation and sealer orientation to meet unique production requirements. An optional product support tray is available to support a variety of product packaging configurations.

Value and Delivery
The smartVAC2 is designed so you can easily select the machine with the features you need eliminating costly custom add-on’s and lengthy delivery time.

Customer Service
Our dedicated sales and technical support teams are knowledgeable and ready to assist you when you call about your application. We work to set the industry standard for responsiveness and service to both existing and new customers.


High Resolution Color-Enhanced Display
Ease of set-up and operation.

Multiple Seal Lengths
Available in 20, 25 or 30-inch seal lengths.
1/4” seal width (std); 3/8” available

Improved Safety and Reliability
Dual, independent jaw obstruction sensing and alarms.
DC control circuit.
Display remains powered with E-Stop engaged.

Recipe and Password Protection (Optional)
Up to 10 recipe settings.
Multi-level password protection to parameter/alarm settings.

High Flow Nozzle/Ejector Option
Fast evacuation for vacuum sealing larger bags.

Available in 2 Configurations
675V2 Vacuum-Seal
675M2 Gas-Vacuum-Seal

Powder Coated Welded Stainless-Steel Case

Operating Modes by Model

  • 675V2
    • Vacuum-Seal
    • Seal only
  • 675M2
    • Vacuum-Seal
    • Gas-Vac-Seal
    • Vac-Gas-Seal
    • Vac1-Gas1 (1-99) + Vac2- Seal
    • Gas1-Vac1 (1-99) + Gas2-Seal
    • Seal only


Seal Length 20″, 25″, 30″
Seal Width 1/4″ standard
Vacuum Pressure up to 26inHG
Suction Flow 1.5CFM
Machine Length Seal length +3.5″
Machine Width 16″
Machine Height 8″
Approx Weight 50 lbs
Power Requirements 120V, 5A / 220V, 10A
Air Requirements 2.5 CFM @ 90psi

Standard Features

• Retractable vacuum nozzle
• HMI digital display- improved resolution
• Open-end seal bars with ¼” wide heating element
• Electronic foot switch activation
• Electrically activated foot switch
• E-Stop button
• Low-pressure jaw close with obstruction safety
• Pressure regulator and gauge
• Vacuum gauge
• Purge feature to clear nozzles (M2 model only)
• Seal count capture and display
• Rigid steel case with powder coat finish


• Product support tray
• Dual nozzles
• 3/8” seal width
• CE certification
• Ergonomic machine stand
• Digital vacuum level limit switch
• Vacuum filter assembly
• Vacuum flow control valve

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