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6700GLX Automatic L-Bar Sealer

When Speed and Versatility Matter

The 6700GLX automatic L-bar sealer delivers the features and performance according to today’s packaging operations demand. The 6700GLX includes a PLC, touchscreen interface and I/O diagnostics, 20 package job memory, self-adjusting trim take-up wheel, easy load front film cradle, and micro perforators for uniform air evacuation. The result is an automatic L-Bar sealer with outstanding speed, throughput, and performance to maximize productivity.

Streamlined interface

The easy to read touchscreen operator interface includes built-in self-diagnostics, production tracking, and machine fault memory to ensure maximum performance. Product alignment guides and variable speed conveyor up to 100 feet/min ensures production of up to 40 packs/min*. The front load film cradle mounted strategically just 8” off the floor, allows ergonomic film roll changeovers with added space saving (the machine can be positioned against a wall). A film splitter and static eliminator work together to reduce blocking of the film to allow smooth film feed throughout the machine. Horizontal and vertical sensors, combined with a state-of-the-art mushroom style hot knife sealing system and film cutoff that provides consistent seals.

Built for 24/7 production 

A heavy-duty solid frame construction is manufactured for today’s demanding production outputs. The 6700GLX automatic l-bar sealer is engineered and designed for 24/7 operation. Included with the frame is heavy duty casters and levelers for portability. Enclosed guarding ensures operator safety, and like other Clamco shrink products, this unit complies with CE regulations for improved safety and design.

The Clamco 6700GLX automatic L-bar sealer is made in the USA and includes a 2-year limited warranty.

Leasing Options from $560/month

* Speed is dependent upon package size


Performance Features

  • Adjustable height sealing jaws (up to 7.5″ high) accommodate a wide range of product heights
  • Alignment guides make product placement easier
  • Power film unwind with variable speed, adds smooth
    film and product timing
  • Heavy duty, mushroom style hot knife sealing system for an 18″ x 23″ seal area
  • Horizontal and vertical product sensors improve usability
  • Standard FDA infeed belt provides food application versatility

Interface Features

  • Product memory for up to 20 package configurations make changeover fast and easy
  • Touchscreen interface with diagnostics for precise user control
  • Multiple user levels: operator, supervisor, and technician to ensure programming is consistent through multiple shifts
  • Machine can be combined with our 4T or 4T Double Tunnel for optimum shrink packaging

Operating Features

  • Front loading film cradle with film separator and static eliminator for convenient, smooth operation
  • Fast package size changeover
  • Self-adjusting trim take-up reel neatly winds trim
  • Micro perforators deliver uniform air evacuation
  • Casters and levelers for improved mobility
  • 23″ maximum film width—perfect for medium-size packages

Safety Features

  • Adjustable foot pads to ensure operator safety and machine stability
  • Interlock safety switch ensures machine shutdown when cover is open
  • Emergency stop button
  • Seal Bar Safety Sensors prevent damage to the product


Model 6700GLX
Production rate Up to 40 packs/min*
Seal length (end) 18″
Seal length (side) 23″
Maximum film width 23″ centerfold
Maximum product height 7.5″
Conveyor speed Up to 100 fpm
Electrical 120V, 20 amp, 1 Ph
220V option available
Air requirement 5 CFM @ 100psi
Overall dimensions 69″ L x 50″ W x 51″ H
Machine weight 960 lbs
Approx. Shipping weight 1,100 lbs






Performance Options

  • Upper film cradle to maximize productivity
  • Light tower assembly for visual confirmation of machine operating status
  • Low film alarm alerts you when film needs to be changed
  • Alternative Product Sensor for difficult to sense products
  • 220V wiring used when standard voltage is not available
  • Light product tail minimizer ensures no tail on lighter products

Operating Options

  • Pneumatic hole punch (lower film cradle) ensures vented products
  • Print registration allows for printed film to be positioned in a consistent manner
  • Film economizer maximizes film usage
  • Spare parts kits ensure consistent machine operation

Conveyor Options

  • Light package take-away, fixed height ensures product stays in place during sealing
  • Light package take-away, variable height with pneumatic operation
  • Split conveyor stages next product to enhance productivity
  • In-feed conveyor product sensor for intermittent or automatic operation
  • Closing Conveyor, allows for a smooth transition from infeed conveyor
  • Food approved in-feed belt ideal for sterile environments

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